Dancing in Fires Naked and Stuff

August 25, 2016

Tycho sighs a lot in this episode. Like, a LOT. Hope you like the sound of Tycho sighing, cause he does it A LOT.

Tycho’s epic goddamn journey, The Blair Witch Project redux (with a short discourse on lady body… stuff), The autopsy of Julius Caeser, Cloud Atlas, The Olympics, MST3K Redux, The number nine authors, The Andromeda Strain (spoilers from 36:27 - 36:35), Breath of the Wild, Turning thirty, “So Donald Trump…”, Pikmin 3 update, Aoife quizzes Tyc- nope never mind, Tycho quizzes Aoi- nope never mind, Tycho confesses, Pikmin Go, Tycho screws up.

The title of this episode was a three way battle. The other two options were "I'm Working Through Some Stuff," or "Playing Pikmin 3 and Eating Cheese Balls."



August 16, 2016

In which our heroes do their usual thing with the usual talk about the usual stuff.

We’re doing this again, Aoife and animals, Pikmin, Thoughts on ten weeks in the future, The agony of defeat, How not to theme park, The Gator Land Story, The number ten authors, Football, Zapp Brannigan for President, Urinetown, Craigslist Poetry


Every Single Leaf on Every Single Tree in Every Single State in New England

August 11, 2016

In which our heroes flounder their way through with book talk. Then some talk about books. Then talk about authors of books.

Aoife’s Cat, Excuses excuses, The new Harry Potter book, Tycho gets sorted
The Cursed Child(SPOILERS FROM 14:15 - 19:45), Zoombies, Stephen King movies, Tycho and Aoife make a bet, Favorite authors- The Honorable Mentions, Aoife quizzes Tycho, Tycho summarizes The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


An Objective Prospective

July 28, 2016

In which our heroes discuss a movie for half an hour.

The Movie Tavern, Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Tycho’s rant about Into Darkness (which completely leaves out the absolute STUPID POINTLESSNESS of the one major death, and why it meant nothing, as well as the stupidity surrounding the death, and all the various stupid things that happened during the climax), Star Trek Beyond (spoilers from 16:59 - 25:01), Legos, The End of One Age and the Dawning of the Next, The Mystery Box, T.I.M.E. Stories, The time Tycho almost dated a Pega-sis, Aoife is shocked and horrified, Creation vs Evolution, Aoife’s turkey, Election Update, Craigslist!, Tycho’s stories about the side of the road, Florida Man, Fun words and phrases, Aoife is done with Tycho.

This episodes title was a battle between "An Objective Prospective," "All Ur Girls Tricks, and "A Professional Psychic Spells Caster Voodoo Specialist."


Tycho’s Favorite Song from Les Misérables

July 17, 2016

Here you go. Thought I'd share, since we talked about it on the last episode. It's probably my favorite song from Les Mis, which, if you haven't listened to it, you really ought to.

To any fans of Les Mis who find themselves listening to this... I'm very very sorry. It's 2 in the morning. I've worked on this for an hour. This is the best I can do. I'm sorry. Enjoy.


The Little Man

July 15, 2016

In which our heroes reach episode 42, and not a single mention of Douglas Adams or H2G2 is made.

Tycho made notes about this episode, but deleted the file accidentally, so here's what he remembers, in no particular order:

Aoife's cat (AGAIN); Clinton, her emails, and the various scandals connected thereto; Aoife's sex ed IQ, Potato chip bags, the number two musicals; aw hell, let's just finish the list; Sondheim is old, and tragedy will soon strike the musical theatre world.


A Disaster for Everyone in the Universe

July 5, 2016

In which our heroes spend the first half of the episode in a crushingly depressing tail spin, but pull out of it about halfway through and spend the rest of the episode on lighter matters.

Twenty Seconds of Aoife’s Cat, 40th Episode Observation (An episode late), Happy Birthday, ‘Murca!, A tight minute and forty seconds about Aoife’s cat, The latest on Hillary Clinton and her various Investigative Interests and all the shady shit she pulled in the past week, Post Perfusion Syndrome, Depressing News Roundup, Part one of the three part discussion of Brexit (Interrupted by Aoife’s cat), Part two of the three part discussion of Brexit (with a sidebar about Donald Trump (Interrupted by Aoife’s cat and a short riff on Pat vs James Buchanan)), Part three of the three part discussion of Brexit, The number three musical cast recordings, Tycho watches Coraline for Aoife, Aoife watches Back to the Future for Tycho, T.I.M.E. Stories, Tycho rubs it in, Shout-outs


Death Threats from the French

June 25, 2016

In which our heroes wander from one topic to another with some semblance of a plan, even if there isn't one. Ever. There's never been one.

Lots of unpleasant sounds to start the show, Tycho badmouths the French, Aoife’s cat gets one-upped, Our Heroes go to the movies, Facts about Whale sharks, Tycho gets offended, Tycho quizzes Tycho, Aoife quizzes Tycho, A somewhat violent disagreement about tv, Breath of the Wild, Assassin’s Creed II, The number four musicals, Finn-terlude, Tycho quizzes Aoife.


The Most Pugsly Lookin’ EmmerEffer

May 31, 2016

In which our heroes saunter conversationally far and wide, with no grand unifying scheme. It's really something that's just for them at this point.

Mr. John Daker Ladies and Gentleman (look up “My Name is John Daker” on Youtube), Guilty pleasure tv leading into Tycho’s Martha Stewart rant, Another possible Apocalypse for the survivors to think “Oh you poor fools” about, Tycho is an asshole, People Tycho knew in high school, Obama in Hiroshima, The Pugsly Kid, A confluence of events at spot 6 in the MCR List, Tycho uses Kill Bill to express his love, Tycho’s take on the State Department Inspector General’s report and Lewis Lukens’s deposition in the Hillary Clinton Email Affair, Aoife is a Lizbian, The gorilla incident in Cincinnati


Tycho and Aoife Go to the Movies: Notes to the X-Men: Apocalypse

May 31, 2016

In which our heroes go see X-Men Apocalypse. One of them liked it, one of them decidedly did not. Place your bets now.