Dancing in Fires Naked and Stuff

August 25, 2016

Tycho sighs a lot in this episode. Like, a LOT. Hope you like the sound of Tycho sighing, cause he does it A LOT.

Tycho’s epic goddamn journey, The Blair Witch Project redux (with a short discourse on lady body… stuff), The autopsy of Julius Caeser, Cloud Atlas, The Olympics, MST3K Redux, The number nine authors, The Andromeda Strain (spoilers from 36:27 - 36:35), Breath of the Wild, Turning thirty, “So Donald Trump…”, Pikmin 3 update, Aoife quizzes Tyc- nope never mind, Tycho quizzes Aoi- nope never mind, Tycho confesses, Pikmin Go, Tycho screws up.

The title of this episode was a three way battle. The other two options were "I'm Working Through Some Stuff," or "Playing Pikmin 3 and Eating Cheese Balls."


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