The Most Pugsly Lookin’ EmmerEffer

May 31, 2016

In which our heroes saunter conversationally far and wide, with no grand unifying scheme. It's really something that's just for them at this point.

Mr. John Daker Ladies and Gentleman (look up “My Name is John Daker” on Youtube), Guilty pleasure tv leading into Tycho’s Martha Stewart rant, Another possible Apocalypse for the survivors to think “Oh you poor fools” about, Tycho is an asshole, People Tycho knew in high school, Obama in Hiroshima, The Pugsly Kid, A confluence of events at spot 6 in the MCR List, Tycho uses Kill Bill to express his love, Tycho’s take on the State Department Inspector General’s report and Lewis Lukens’s deposition in the Hillary Clinton Email Affair, Aoife is a Lizbian, The gorilla incident in Cincinnati


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