On the Reception and Detection of Pseudo-Profound Bullsh*t

September 26, 2016

In which our heroes set out to record, but one of them has spent the evening drinking, so God only knows how this is gonna go.

The ridiculous height disparity between our heroes, Tycho is a little baby sissy-boy, A conversation about Lilo and Stitch hijacked by talk of Aoife’s cat, Lilo and Stitch for real this time, Brock Turner, Kissing Chickens (not an alt-indie band), Nintendo Stuff (Nintendo NX), Two minutes on Barbie, The Ig Nobel prizes, Pet Rock Interruption!, The Ig Nobel prizes (continued), Chicken Pox Digression (Tycho does complex math in his head), The Ig Nobel prizes (concluded), Episode 49 (or 100, depending how you count), The number 6 authors, Don’t Get Me Started the Shoelace Edition, Florida Man does gross stuff, Craigslist’s Thomas Jefferson of D/s


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