A Disaster for Everyone in the Universe

July 5, 2016

In which our heroes spend the first half of the episode in a crushingly depressing tail spin, but pull out of it about halfway through and spend the rest of the episode on lighter matters.

Twenty Seconds of Aoife’s Cat, 40th Episode Observation (An episode late), Happy Birthday, ‘Murca!, A tight minute and forty seconds about Aoife’s cat, The latest on Hillary Clinton and her various Investigative Interests and all the shady shit she pulled in the past week, Post Perfusion Syndrome, Depressing News Roundup, Part one of the three part discussion of Brexit (Interrupted by Aoife’s cat), Part two of the three part discussion of Brexit (with a sidebar about Donald Trump (Interrupted by Aoife’s cat and a short riff on Pat vs James Buchanan)), Part three of the three part discussion of Brexit, The number three musical cast recordings, Tycho watches Coraline for Aoife, Aoife watches Back to the Future for Tycho, T.I.M.E. Stories, Tycho rubs it in, Shout-outs


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