Epona’s a Bitch

July 8, 2017

In which our heroes discuss multiple topics of geekery and rage.

Aoife is boring, Tycho’s new thing, Our heroes chat about Doctor Who (Spoilers from 4:45 - 6:15), Breath of the Wild DLC, ARMS and how Tycho got it., Tycho’s birthday, Aoife’s review of Wonder Woman (Spoilers from 24:37 - 26:56), The dawning of a new Era, Graphic novels vs comic books, The Dark Tower movie, The STEAM summer sale, The SNES Classic, Tycho and his misadventures with cops, The Senators and the Representative of our heroes


A Guy Running Down a Darkened Hallway

June 2, 2017

In which our heroes... no. You know what? Tycho's an asshole. Tycho opens this show with assholery. He's just a giant bag of douche. Just HUGE.


Where our heroes have been. Graduation. The last four (five) mystery boxes. News about the President curtailed because RAEG. Doctor Who. Trial and Error. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (spoilers around the thirty minute mark to 37:08), movie trailers, Tycho's rage about the Lego Architecture Series, SUDDEN WEST WING DROP, Aaron Sorkin in general, Craigslist.


What is the point of Cheezy Puffs?

January 19, 2017

In which our heroes return from an extended trip to spend more time than they should talking about the line of British Succession.

The current state of events, Tycho is an adult sort of, The New Mystery Box, Our heroes’s Christmas, Wedding talk, Psychonauts and Tales of Symphonia, Death Roll, Our heroes are just rappin’ about the Queen, Baby elephant derailment, The number one authors, Aoife has… proclivities, Football, Under the Dome, Ocean’s Eleven, Youtubing, Video game reviews, Reincarnation


Death by Tooth Vagina

December 2, 2016

In which our heroes do something wrong with the microphone, but damn if either of them know what it is.


Tycho and Aoife's Thanksgiving. Aiofe's a food snob. What's Trump been- no? Okay, let's talk about DAPL- no? Okay, never mind. Lin-Manuel Miranda's The Kingkiller Chronicles. Moana (Spoiler free). The number two authors. The Car-Max story. How to make Tycho furious in a couple different ways.


The Divine Yoink

November 22, 2016

A solid fifteen minutes on President-Elect Trump, Tycho almost sent himself to Costa Rica, Wedding Talk except Tycho knows nothing about what’s going on anywhere, Weather Talk, Dirk Gently and other things Max Landis has done, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Plaguey Interlude, The Number Three Authors begun, Tycho’s thing-maker, The Number Three Authors concluded, Tales of Symphonia, Tycho vs The Yankee Clipper with a short interlude on Tycho’s educational career, The Natural Selection of Sloths, Aoife freaks out, The New Mystery Box, Tycho’s Letters to the President, Hamilton


Sushi and Action Figures- Better Than Jewelry

October 30, 2016

In which our heroes make a grand announcement, and not much else.

No episode notes for this one, because Tycho's computer is stupid. There are, however, spoilers for the season premiere of The Walking Dead running from 35 mins to 45 mins, roughly.


Swiss as Sh*t

October 10, 2016

In which our heroes spectacularly fail to talk about it being episode 50, upload the episode just in time for the final twenty seconds to be meaningless and generally meander with topics they have a marked inability to run with.

The Wand of Gamelon, Caboose Update, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Sherlock, Tycho’s Milestone, The Debates, Tycho makes a promise and they fail to keep it, The Number Five Authors, Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu, The newest Mystery Box, The Nobel Prizes, Body modification, Talk about the next Presidential debate (except Tycho is an asshole and didn’t upload it in time. Sorry.)


On the Reception and Detection of Pseudo-Profound Bullsh*t

September 26, 2016

In which our heroes set out to record, but one of them has spent the evening drinking, so God only knows how this is gonna go.

The ridiculous height disparity between our heroes, Tycho is a little baby sissy-boy, A conversation about Lilo and Stitch hijacked by talk of Aoife’s cat, Lilo and Stitch for real this time, Brock Turner, Kissing Chickens (not an alt-indie band), Nintendo Stuff (Nintendo NX), Two minutes on Barbie, The Ig Nobel prizes, Pet Rock Interruption!, The Ig Nobel prizes (continued), Chicken Pox Digression (Tycho does complex math in his head), The Ig Nobel prizes (concluded), Episode 49 (or 100, depending how you count), The number 6 authors, Don’t Get Me Started the Shoelace Edition, Florida Man does gross stuff, Craigslist’s Thomas Jefferson of D/s


Deep Breath- We’ll Get Through This

September 17, 2016

In which our heroes break every rule of propriety, and discuss both politics AND religion.

Clinton’s pneumonia and the events surrounding it, Trump in Oz, Ryan Lochte’s next big thing, Podcasting Television, Skeletons in the restaurant, Life in Antarctica, Our heroes forget Dunstan Checks In, 19:58- an epic religion conversation commences, 40:23 - after much borderline heretical conversation the epic religion conversation ends, The number seven authors
Tycho talks about a movie he saw when he was younger, Tycho breaks Aoife’s brain with “Go Dog Go," Ancient Indian Burial Grounds, Our heroes remember Dunstan Checks In, Johnson


Hand Soap Makes Me Eat Faces

September 9, 2016

In which our heroes go places and do things. And then, like that guy at work that nobody likes, tell you about them, no matter how much you don't care.

Caboose’s very near future, Aoife’s plans for Tycho’s future, The new Mystery Box, Celebrity Wishes, Stranger Things (spoiler free), The entrance of the asshole, Tycho sings, Tycho and Aoife’s adventures on the internet the other night, Death roll, Superstitions, Colin Kapaernick, Pandas, Nintendo and Doctor Who fanboys, Pokemon, The Number 8 authors, Tycho explodes in a torrent of profanity, Aoife’s birthday